Artist and Landscape Painter
Jack Cassinetto

Jack Cassinetto, Artist and Landscape Painter

March 26, 1944 - January 4, 2018
The late Jack Cassinetto's work is a blend of styles, reflecting both old and new. His work is guided by a love of mood and subdued color, and paintings are enhanced by the changing light of day. His paintings reflect many hours spent at the Oakland Museum studying the Plein Air painters of the early 1900s. Painters such as Xavier Martinez, Gottardo Piazzoni and Arthur Mathews inspired Cassinetto to create artwork that is admired for its beauty and style.

Connie Cassinetto Photography

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This is the studio where Jack produced all of his artwork, both paintings and frames,
starting in 2006.  It is located just across a pathway from our home in the foothills. Jack's work will continue to be sold at the two galleries listed on this website.  If you are interested in purchasing his work please contact one of the listed galleries.